Aerial View of Beckingham
Beckingham cum Saundby Parish Plan

A Parish Plan is an important and comprehensive document. It should set out a vision for how the community want to develop, and identify the actions needed to achieve it. It can include everything from employment to playgrounds to design of new buildings and protection of hedges and open spaces within the village. It is up to you the community, to decide what is important.

Parish Plans should compliment and help deliver local planning policy and frameworks but can not override adopted planning policy. The plan also contributes to the way local services are managed and delivered. A parish Plan is a statement of how the community sees itself developing over the next few years. It:

  • reflects the view of all sections of the community;
  • identifies which features and local characteristics people value;
  • identifies local problems and opportunities;
  • spells out how residents want the community to develop in the future;
  • prepares a plan of action to achieve this vision.
The Parish plan needs to consider local problems and opportunities as a whole. It makes the link between these issues and sets out a broad vision for the future - where the parish wants to be in 5 - 10 years time. But achieving this vision will require action. This includes both:
  • action which the parish itself proposes to undertake;
  • policies, decisions and actions carried out by other bodies which the plan might influence.
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