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About This Website

This website was initially set up with funds from The Local Heritage Initiative in 2005 to promote the newly formed History Group’s production of a book covering the past and present of village life and to be used as a promotional tool. Maxine Downes was enlisted by the Group as “webmistress” and within a short time the first pages were loaded onto the site. Originally planned to have between 5 to 8 pages, it has rapidly expanded to over 50 pages and continues to grow and evolve.

The subjects covered are wide ranging from village history, with feature pages on historical buildings such as the Willow Works and its renovation, the Beckingham Institute and Saundby Church to a comprehensive diary along with pages charting village events throughout the year both of which are excellent ways of finding out what is going on in the community.

Maxine was joined in 2006 by Pat Suart as website assistant, to help with the maintenance of an ever-increasing site along with the creating of new pages. Together they collate information and photographs they have obtained prior to designing the pages, involving many hours spent on computers, discussing notes and finding ways of ensuring the site remains as fresh and as up to date as possible.

There is a rapidly growing “pages to do” list but the web team are always happy and interested to hear from anyone with any information that may be beneficial for either old, current or “under construction” pages, dates for the diary, suggestions or ideas for new pages or any constructive comments. Text and photographs would be particularly appreciated. Please contact us here.

Maxine and Pat would both like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those who have contributed to the site with information, photographs and ideas, and supported or helped in any way. In particular they would like to thank their respective husbands for their patience and a special thank you goes to Matthew, Maxine’s son, for all his invaluable help with the site.