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The Chancel
The north side of the chancel has two 13th century arcades dividing it from what was once a chapel or chantry dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The organ sits in one arcade and the other leads into what is now the vestry. It is surprising that there is no window in the east wall of this, considering that it was once a chapel, perhaps one was removed at the time of the reformation.The stained glass in the east window was provided by the Duckle family which tells the story of the four Gospellers.
View of Altar and Duckle window - click to enlarge

Matthew is represented by a Man/Angel, Mark by a Lion, Luke by an Ox and John by an Eagle. An inscription under the window reads: -
"This window erected in memory of the members of Duckle family was damaged by enemy action May 1941 and restored in 1947"
On this night one or more German aircraft dropped both incendiary and high explosive bombs in the vicinity of Beckingham but most fell on open fields and relatively little damage occurred.
Below the east window sits the wooden altar with its ornate carving above which the wording of the Reredos once proclaimed "I am the Bread of Life" but has long since disappeared. Carved into the wood above the altar are the letters IHS, the Greek monogram for Jesus. The altar rails also display some fine carving with coats of arms at each end, the date of the work is given in the inscription as 1855. There is also a plaque here inscribed "The Sanctuary and Chancel carpet was given in loving memory of GEOFFREY KEITH SELBY by his parents October 1972". The beautiful kneelers in front of the altar were made by ladies in the village to commemorate the Millennium and were designed by Mary Johnson.
Litany desk
The litany desk is a memorial to those men of the village who served in the 1914-18 war. The south wall of the chancel has two late perpendicular (15th or 16th century) windows of which the more westerly was fitted with stained glass in 1873, another memorial to the Duckle family. This reads: -
"This window is erected by the two daughters of Henry Charles and Mary Anne Jane Duckle to the Glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of their parents and of their uncle Samuel Edward Barker Duckle AD 1871"

Below the other window are a 13th century piscina and a sedilia with deeply moulded arches and detached shafts with unrestored stiff-leaf capitals, which provided seats for three priests. Nowadays, it is only at inductions that there is a superfluity of priests in the chancel and even then they prefer greater comfort than that given by the sedilia! The seats may appear low but it is probable that the floor was raised during alterations in 1892. Near to the sedilia is a doorway that is used occasionally.
There are several memorial tablets on the walls of the chancel and the outline of a missing one on the north wall, as well as some set into the floor. Further discussion of these is given in the section on the people of the church.

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