Beckingham cum Saundby Gardener’s Association Flower & Vegetable Show 2010

Caroline Thomas - winner of the Thistle Farm Trophy

The Beckingham cum Saundby Gardener’s Association held their Annual Flower and Vegetable Show in All Saints’ Church Beckingham on Saturday 17th July 2010. The competition entries were displayed and judged in the morning, the judges being:- Mrs Roseamund Fox (fruit, vegetables and flowers), Mrs Brenda Wilson (children's section), Mrs Jane Jefferson (domestic classes) and Mrs Marjorie Clayworth (crafts section). The show opened to the general public at 2pm and the winners were presented with their prizes later in the day by Trish Lewis from Beckingham Post Office. Refreshments were available all afternoon with a wonderful assortment of cakes and pastries and these alone were deserving of commendation!

The categories in the show were divided into Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Children’s, Domestic and Crafts and these were sub-divided into further divisions and the prize winners were as follows:-
Division A Vegetables - overall joint winner Christine du Feu/Dennis Booker
Description First Second Third
Potatoes Anne McKeen Brian Cuncliffe Mr Roberts
Peas Mr Roberts Christine du Feu n/a
Runner Beans Dennis Booker Ken Riggott Jill Bennet
Beetroot Dennis Booker Ian Johnston Christine du Feu
Onions Christine du Feu Jill Bennet n/a
Rhubarb Brian Cunliffe n/a n/a
Carrots - no entries n/a n/a n/a

Division B Fruit - overall winner Tony Thomas
Description First Second Third
Strawberries - no entries n/a n/a n/a
Raspberries Tony Thomas n/a n/a
Gooseberries Jill Bennet Caroline Thomas Tony Thomas
Tomatoes - no entries n/a n/a n/a

Division C Flowers - overall winner (roses) Ann Simpson, (non-roses) Rex Madin
Description Winner Runner up
1 Rose - Hybrid tea, any variety Ann Simpson Marie Kelly
6 Roses - Hybrid tea, mixed variety Ann Simpson Brian Cunliffe
1 Rose - Floribunda spray, any variety Caroline Thomas John Simpson
3 Roses - Floribunda spray, any variety n/a n/a
Buttonhole - any arrangement Rex Madin Jean Madin
Arrangement in Eggcup Ann Simpson Rex Madin
Vase of Flowers, 6 stems any variety Christine Booker Rex Madin
Vase of Flowers, 12 stems any variety Rex Madin Caroline Thomas
Favourite House-plant max 12" dia pot Caroline Thomas n/a
Sweet Peas, 5 stems any variety n/a n/a
Sweet Peas, 5 stems same variety Jayne Hanson n/a
Marguerites, 6 stems n/a n/a
Lilies, 3 stems any variety Ann Simpson n/a
single rose6 rosesVase of flowers - 6 stems

Division D Children’s Section - overall winner Holly Baines
Description First Second Third
Animal made of vegetables Henry Jackson Holly Baines n/a
Garden on a plate George Jackson Holly Baines Emma Jackson
Flowers in an eggcup Sarah Percival Holly Baines Lawrence Hepton
2 decorated Gingerbread persons Olivery & Daisy (joint) Holly Baines n/a
Necklance made of flowers Holly Baines n/a n/a
George JacksonHolly BainesHenry Jackson

Division E Domestic - overall winner Caroline Thomas (who also won the Madin Trophy "Victor Ludorum" for most points accumulated in the show.
Description Winner Runner up
Victoria Sponge Mary Tomlinson Jean Madin
Fruit Cake Christine Booker Caroline Thomas
Fruit Scones Caroline Thomas Mary Tomlinson
Pot of Jam Christine Booker Caroline Thomas
Pot of Marmalade Jean Hepton Caroline Thomas
Fresh Hen’s Eggs M Davis B Dunkerly
single rose6 roses3 roses

Division F Crafts
Description Winner Runner up
Home made craft 12" Caroline Thomas Christine du Feu
Home made craft 30" Jean Hepton Beryl Andrews
Birthday card Hazel Richardson Christine du Feu
The show, as last year, was a very popular and well attended event with excellent quality of produce and crafts on show. Thanks go to all those people that helped to organise, judge, present and volunteer.
New members are always welcome at the Gardener's Association meetings which are held in the Recreation Room on the 3rd Monday every month at 7pm.
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