20th October 1971

Consecration of Beecher Lane Cemetery ...

Consecration of Beecher Lane Cemetery 1971
Those shown in the photograph are, from left to right, Choir boy David Guy - Churchwardens Mr Bourne and Mr Clifford Johnson - The Bishop of Sherwood - Methodist Minister, Reverend Robin Napier - Chris Hodson Diocesan Registrar - Beckingham Church of England Vicar, Reverend Smith - Parish Council Representatives Dick Adams, Marjorie Mell and Mr Herbert Proudley (not shown) also attended.
A ceremony was held to Consecrate part of Beecher Lane Cemetery on 20th October 1971. Notes in the Parish Council Minutes at the time show how the cemetery was created along with the costs. The Deed of Conveyance was dated 10th February 1969. Later that year fencing was erected around the cemetery for 189, preparation work for the site was carried out for 126 and tarmac was laid for the entrance at a cost of 30. In 1970 a Rotary Grass Cutter was purchased for 95, and 7 shilling per hour was paid for the grass to be cut
in the Cemetery and on the Green. Gates and posts were also erected for the sum of 95. In June it was proposed by the Reverend New that approximately half of the cemetery be Consecrated. The rules of operation of the cemetery were also drawn up. In 1971, hedging to go around the cemetery, in the form of 640 plants, was purchased at a cost of 16. The Cemetery was later registered with the Diocese of Southwell in March 1972.

13th July 2006

On Thursday 13th July 2006, a ceremony was held for the Consecration of the remaining half of the burial ground, beginning at All Saints Church. A procession went from the church to Beecher Lane Cemetery, led by Mr Eric Turner, the Crucifer, carrying the Cross. He was followed by The Rt. Reverend Anthony Porter Bishop of Sherwood - The Venerable Nigel Peyton, Archdeacon of Newark - Reverend Richard Spray, Area Dean of Bawtry - Reverend David Henson, Priest in Charge of Beckingham - Mr Chris Hodson, the Diocesan
Registrar (who attended the original Consecration ceremony) - Church Wardens Tony Thomas and Jayne Hanson - Parish Council Chair Henry Gourley and his wife Judith - Parish Council Vice Chair Brian Suart and his wife Pat - Parish Clerk Colin Gibson and his wife Jennifer, and other members of the village.
Consecration Servicesigning of Deed of ConveyanceProcession returning to Church

A short service, led by the Bishop of Sherwood, was held to bless the burial ground followed by the Bishop of Sherwood signing the Deed of Conveyance, witnessed by the Registrar. The procession then returned to All Saints Church. All dignitaries were invited to the Parish Council Chair's house for a buffet lunch.

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