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For some time Joan Sanger had been concerned about people in the villages of Beckingham and Saundby who might be feeling lonely or isolated and after taking early retirement from Teaching in December 1991, she decided to do something about it. A meeting was held in Joans house with a few like-minded people, among them were Jane Whitfield and Myra Neall and also Mrs Bower from Age Concern, to discuss the situation. It was decided that they should have a go.

A meeting was arranged for 11th September 1992, in the Recreation Room, for which leaflets were distributed around both villages, inviting all age groups to come with their ideas and suggestions to discuss them over a cup of coffee. Over twenty people attended, armed with lots of interest and encouragement. As a result it was decided to hold regular fortnightly meetings on Fridays from 1.30 to 3.30pm, at 25p per session with a raffle, in the Recreation Room, following the Luncheon Club, to enable people to stay on after the meal and join the group. Thus the Friendship Group began and leaflets were distributed around the villages inviting everyone to the first Meeting on Friday 25th September 1992.

A set up grant of £200 was applied for and received from The Village Elders Fund. This fund existed to develop new projects and services of benefit to the community (promoted by Age Concern Nottinghamshire and Nottinghamshire Community Council). Two years later, the Chairman of Bassetlaw District Council Councillor Ian Atkinson, made a donation of £500 to the Group, which helped to further craft activities, related speakers, demonstrators and visits.

Miss Marjorie Clayworth was the first demonstrator, in 1992, with her Flower arranging which she carried on doing for many years. On making contact with the Village School the junior children came to show the Group their Assembly, which they had presented to their parents earlier in the day, staying on afterwards to chat with members. They returned on another occasion to interview members as part of their village project. The Group Members were invited to the dress rehearsal of their Christmas Play and were also invited for lunch at the school on a number of occasions. The Members thoroughly enjoyed all the visits to school and the contact with the children.

Doris Bell, eventually became leader of the Friendship Group, shortly after which, the meeting place moved from the Recreation Room to the Methodist Church Hall. Doris led the Group for 12 years organising visits, speakers, dinners and many activities, which were enjoyed by everyone. In 2002 the Group nominated her, through the Bassetlaw District Council Golden Jubilee Scheme for all her hard work and dedication to the Community for which she was presented with an award. In 2006 Doris decided it was time to take a back seat and she retired from the leadership of the Group.

In the same year the Group returned to the Recreation Room for their meetings and formed a committee to share the workload. Those elected were, Kath Long as Chairperson, Hazel Richardson as Secretary, June Barley as Treasurer and Peggy Davison as Committee Member.

In 2018 after 12 years of running the Friendship Group Kath Long decided to retire as Chairperson. During that time the Group has raised over £12,000 for many different charities, an amazing amount! Kath has given so much of her time to the organising and arranging of meetings, trips, speakers and fundraising and her commitment and dedication has been next to none. She will be much missed and is wished all the very best. As the future of the Group was uncertain and no-one seemed willing to take over it was decided that their bank account be closed and the remaining funds divided between Bassetlaw Hospice and Five Villagers First Responders, with the cheques being presented at their final meeting on Friday 2nd February.The Group may continue in some other form yet to be decided.


A Football Club has been in Beckingham on and off at least since 1903, Beckingham FC was a founder member of Gainsborough District Football League. In 1914 Beckingham lost to Sturton Le Steeple in one of two of the first games in the Annie Lawson Cup which is still in existence today. Over the years as members of the Gainsborough League the club has had its fair share of League and Cup wins but ceased to exist in 1996 due to lack of reliable players. A Sunday League club was formed and from 1998 to 2001 had a very successful time culminating in winning Division Two of the Gainsborough Sunday League together with the Nottinghamshire Minor Cup. Unfortunately this folded due to players refusing to play the following season.

Cricket has also featured well in village life, a photo of the team in 1925 is in the village, also a photo of the Ladies Team in 1935 in the Gainsborough News. In 1949 the Youth Team won the Gainsborough and District League. In 1951 the Senior Team won Division Two of the Gainsborough League, and the following year were runners up in Division One and won the Garnet Cup led by Alan Williamson. The team later played in the Bassetlaw League before playing in the Gainsborough Trent Valley League, winning League and Cup in 1978 and repeated in 1982 under Bob Mimms.

The outstanding bowling performance was by John Sheldrick who took all ten of Levertons wickets at Leverton in 1983. When the Trent Valley League was disbanded the club moved into the North Lindsey League and moved through the Leagues to Division One and won the League Cup in 1997.

A Youth section was formed in 1988, playing in the Lincoln Youth Cricket League and moved through the various age Groups winning the Lincolnshire Under 15’s Cup in 1993 and reaching the last 16 of the National Competition. The club folded in 1999 due to lack of players.

Both Cricket and Football have been played on the village playing field since 1948, before that sport was played by permission of local farmers, for several years behind Thistle Farm and also in Wood Lane opposite the row of houses.

As well as the serious side of the sport there was also the occasional game for fun. One such match took place between the Ladies and Mens Cricket Teams c1935, when the men were handicapped by various forms of fancy dress and had to bat left handed. The Ladies won!

A Ladies Hockey Team played in the playing field into the early 1950′ s. A successful Tennis Club ran two teams for many years in the Gainsborough League playing on the courts in the playing field. This was lost to the village when the players moved to Roses at Gainsborough rather than maintain their own courts following the retirement of Alwyn Ingall, who had been Groundsman and Treasurer for many years. Now only the hard court remains.

A squash court built in Hoggard House (now Tambulam) was available to hire for a time from the Walker Family, the proceeds going to Charity (Cystic Fibrosis).

A table Tennis team played from the village hall for many years. A Beckingham resident Brian Edlington represented Lincolnshire and helped to win the Veterans County Championship.

The Bowls Club is the only club now thriving, playing in the Gainsborough League and the Isle of Axeholme Pensioners League, generally in the forefront.

The Institute provides social Billiards, Snooker and Dominoes and is run by volunteers as a village sports club.

The resume makes very disappointing reading as most of the once thriving clubs have now ceased. Football is still played on the playing field but only by teams from out of the village. It is to be hoped that clubs can be formed to bring sports teams back into the village where over the years success, heartbreak and pleasure has been experienced by many.

The web team would like to express their thanks to Henry Gourley for providing the information for this page.

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