Beckingham School Reunion - 2007

Beckingham Primary School
Beckingham School Reunion was once again organised by Evelyn Leggott (nee Pipe) and her sister Ruth and took place at The Peacock Inn in Gainsborough. The event was from 2pm to 4pm and there was a wonderful buffet laid on. This year record numbers attended (49 ex pupils excluding parthers) and a fine afternoon ensued.
Miss Woodliffe (right)

Amongst the guests this year was one of the former teachers, Mrs Adams (nee Woodliffe) who lives in Beckingham and had brought along the scroll that was signed by all the pupils and presented to her when she left the school in 1947. Miss Woodliffe, as she was when she was teaching at Beckingham School, had lived in Clayworth and used to cycle each day to Beckingham. If the weather was poor, she walked. One of Miss Woodliffe’s main memories was of the fantastic coal fires that the caretaker, Mrs Maden, used to light each morning and if one imagines the long cycle ride/walk Miss Woodliffe had had to endure each day one would understand what a welcome sight a roaring fire would be.
Talking to the people present everyone had a few memories to share and on the subject of the floods of 1947 quite a few candid recollections came to mind for many. Evelyn Leggott who had lived at Marsh Farm on Old Trent Road had to move out of their house and her and her family moved in with Hazel Cox (her best friend) and their family at the Station Cottage. Hazel's father was a signalman at the time and the house was a 2 up and 2 down house - so it was quite a squeeze accommodating everyone. Evelyn’s main memory is of coping with the noise of the trains going by at all hours of the day and night and she especially remembers falling out of bed one night when a train went by!
Chick Brumby (nobody seems to know his real christian name) remembers further back when he was rescued by a horse and cart during the floods of 1940.
Hazel Cox - center
Chick Brumby (second left)

Chick Brumby also had a lovely tale to tell about a Jack Boyd and Vick Wallhead. Jack Boyd was a local character and used to be the village gravedigger, even though he had only one leg. It was under some dispute as to whether he ever actually dug any graves because his pockets were usually full of sweets which he generously handed out to the local lads - and who just as generously dug the graves for him. This particular story with Jack Boyd was when his good friend Vick Wallhead was very poorly and laid up in bed. Jack decided to pay him a visit and Vick’s mother sent him upstairs to his bedroom but, on seeing Jack turn up (complete with spade) Vick made a complete recovery in a matter of moments

Towards the end of the afternoon a bouquet of flowers was presented to Evelyn for all her hard work in organising the event and this was presented by Stuart Twidale. Everyone looks forward to next year's reunion which it is to be hoped will take place in June 2008 at The Peacock. /contact us:
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