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Beckingham Institute 2009
Scaffolding up and ready
Beckingham Institute was built in 1908 by the Watson family for the use of the local community as a recreational and educational facility. The building is a fine example, typical of the Edwardian era. It has been maintained by the management committee with funding currently derived from membership subscriptions and rental from the flat and cottage which are part of the building.
the poor condition of the decorative ridge tiles and roof
The roof was in need of major repair with estimated costings far beyond the financial reserves currently available. Fortunately, the Star Energy Community Fund agreed to provide funding to support the renovation of the roof. The committee is extremely grateful to the fund administrators for making this grant.
old tiles removed
The main roof has now been completely recovered with new synthetic slates. Any old slates which were still in usable condition have been salvaged and will be used when the roof of the cottage is restored in the near future. Unfortunately the decorative ridge tiles were in too fragile condition to be salvageable and have had to be replaced with plain - but highly functional - ridge tiles. The roof is now fit for many decades to come.
and replaced with new tiles
The support for this project by the Star Energy Community Fund will be recognised by a commemorative plaque which will be erected soon within the Institute.

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