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How You Can Help

How You Can Help

How can you help with documentation of the natural history of the village?

Some people may have recorded nature diaries – from the casual observation of dates of first flowering of snowdrops to comprehensive daily observations of some aspect of wildlife. All these records can be entered into a wordprocessor – once computerised they are much more accessible to others. There are now several national surveys which you can take part in, many of which are internet-based and include the following:

Bird Atlas 2007-2011
A four year project to map the distribution of Britain’s wintering and breeding birds – click on the Atlas link

Garden BirdWatch
Record bird life in your garden throughout the year.

People’s Trust for Endangered Species.
Surveys of Hedgehogs, Moles, Stag beetles, Mammals in gardens, Mammals on roads and orchard wildlife.
Nature’s Calendar
Record the timing of various events (flowering of common plants, appearance of frog spawn, earliest sightings of butterflies etc.) each year.
National Biodiversity Network Gateway
Web site to view a range of species recorded in our area (and elsewhere)