Centre table complete with new map

Beckingham History Group Open Day - 14th April

The doors opened to the public at 11am at The Recreation Room, The Green. The theme for this Open Day was 'maps' with the main exhibit being a copy map purchased from Nottingham Archives dating back to 1736. The History Group had first seen this map on a visit to Nottingham Archives in 2006 along with quite a few other interesting items.

At the Open Day the map took centre stage and was displayed on a large table in the middle of the room for all to view. It is intended to hang the map on the wall eventually and be a permanent feature in The Recreation room.

Enclosure Map - click for larger view
Also on display was a map of the Enclosure Awards dated 1777. This map was encased in a book that itemised all the plots of land and how much each landowner possessed at that time. There was a framed map of Saundby circa 1880 that showed a Military Firing Range that existed near the Flood Arches on Ramper Road that even shows the flagstaff, targets and distances to the targets.
Saundby map - click for larger view
On the display boards were other maps including a copy of the school map created by Beckingham schoolchildren to celebrate 100 years of Beckingham Village School. This map details all the properties in the village at that time. Dating back to 1868 was a plan advertising the sale of 5 plots of land by George Metcalf. An Ordnance Survey Map dated 1885 was on show as was the Footpath Map showing all the footpaths of Beckingham and Saundby. This was supported with copies of the footpath pages from the website detailing each walk. Under the classification of maps were some aerial photographs taken, 1947, 1980 and 1999.

In addition several of Miss Tong's photographs of the early 1900s were on display showing various views/houses of the village which give an indication of what the village looked like at that time.
Display boards showing various maps
'Peter Mason' table
Beckingham cum Saundby website had a small display of their latest uploaded web pages (History Group, Village Hall, Millennium Feature) with further pages printed off for the benefit of those that do not have access to a computer. Albert Phillipson ran an ongoing Audio/Visual slideshow during the day showing various pictures of Beckingham, old and new, and also pictures from the Church Festival held in September 2006. In the 'reading corner' were Peter Mason's files and a few other interesting books on Nottinghamshire.
A table of artefacts included various pieces that have been collected over the years. One item that drew a lot of interest was the Diary by Mrs Irene Jervis who was secretary at Watson's shipyard and lived near the shipyard during 1947 when the River Trent burst its banks. Mrs Jervis gives a detailed account of the build up to the floods, how people were rescued and the role of the shipyard workers in the rebuilding of the banks afterwards.
Refreshments were available throughout the day and approximately 100 to 150 visitors passed through the doors

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