School Open Day - 16th March ...

School Open DayRay Lister demonstration
School Open Day
16th March 2006 saw a "Special Day at the School" where the day and evening was devoted to the ancient art of "Willow Craft". During the day the children were given talks and demonstrations of willow craft, such as fencing and basket weaving. At one point the children participated in planting and weaving a willow fence on the school grounds and there were also opportunities for the children to help in the production of a basket.

The talks and demonstrations were given by Rodney Cousins who is an expert on Willow Craft and who has been instrumental in recreating the Willow Arch on the playing field. Ray Lister, who gives basket weaving demonstrations in Treswell Woods also came along on the day and gave a talk and demonstration of basket weaving. Both visitors held the children in awe with their down to earth approach.
Planting a Willow Fence
School Open Day
In the evening the school remained open for the benefit of parents and other interested parties to witness further demonstrations and also to view tools used in willow craft and samples of baskets woven. Many of the school children that had seen the demonstrations during the day also returned in the evening.

The History Group had a fine display of historical documents and photographs and those that had not already seen these at the open day last August were able to view them along with Peter Mason's files and other information that has been collected since last year. Tea, coffee and biscuits were served. /contact us:
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