Spinney July 2007

Spinney Landscaping....

Spinney March 2008
Concern had been expressed for some time about the condition of the Spinney, an area of land immediately behind the Recreation Room. In previous times it had contained a number of houses, the last of which had been knocked down in the early seventies. Since then, it had gradually deteriorated into a wilderness of self-set trees, bramble and nettles, where the dumping of garden refuse, grass cuttings and other rubbish was a common occurrence, and where the whole area was one of ever increasing untidiness, neglect and damage.

Spinney before landscaping
In 2005 the Parish Council, who own the land, discussed how best to improve, tidy up and make better use of the area. A Sub Committee was duly formed to deal with the problem. It was decided that the area should be cleaned up and landscaped so as to provide an attractive amenity for the village community. It was felt any trees removed should be replaced by new ornamental ones and possibly some bulbs planted.
Damage to the trees
Seats could also be placed, bird boxes put up and the site be protected by fencing at the Bar Road North and The Green ends, along with signs forbidding the tipping of rubbish. The District Tree Warden was consulted who advised the clearance of centre trees, some trimming of the perimeter and suggested alternative specimens.
Tree clearing begins...
The clear up began in February 2006, with trees being felled, under the guidance of the Bassetlaw District Council Tree Officer. The cut wood was offered to anyone who requested it.

Work was then halted to allow the Rooks nesting in the trees to raise their chicks. Any trees to be felled containing nests were not cut down until the Rooks had finished nesting.
Concern was expressed and various comments made by members of the community about the work, with some who seriously doubted the benefits and others who were very much in favour of the changes. Information was made available to anyone wishing to know more, from the Parish Council Sub Committee, who also welcome ideas and suggestions that might further enhance the project. A small, dedicated group of volunteers and the committee put time and effort into the tidying and preparation of the site throughout the year, with several working parties organised.

...clearing and levelling...
In August, September and October the clearing and disposing or tree roots along with a large quantity of rubble and weeds took place, after which the area was raked, levelled and sprayed with weed killer, before being fenced off to prevent damage and disturbance.

The final job of the year was the sowing of the grass seed, the Spinney was then left alone for the winter.
...raking and sowing grass seed
The new grass had its first cut in April 2007. The whole area was then left to mature for the remainder of the year, with a few shrubs being planted around the perimeter, the grass regularly cut and generally kept tidy. At the beginning of 2008 fencing and gates were made and fitted by a local tradesman at the Bar Road North end of the Spinney with bars placed at the Green end to prevent vehicles from entering. At the end of March 2008 several ornamental trees donated by Notts. County Council were planted in the area.

Fencing and gates erected...
These included three Prunus (Wild Cherry) which flower in April and May and have red/black fruit in June. Two Amelanchier Larmarckii, (more common name Snowy Mespilus), have also been planted. These have a more spreading multi stemmed growth habit with pinky white flowers in spring, leaves of bronze in spring turning green in summer then orangey red in autumn, along with red berries which turn black in late summer.
...and ornamental trees planted
In May and June of 2008 foundations were laid and a bench was placed in the Spinney, generously donated by the Madin family in memory of Benjamin and Flossie Madin. A Picnic Bench has also been placed in the area, purchased with money donated by North Notts Lions. Two more seats, obtained through Building Better Communities, have since been added to the area. One placed in the Spinney and the other on the Green. These and more improvements and changes continue to be made to the Spinney transforming it into a far more attractive space, for the benefit of the whole community, thanks to the hard work and efforts of all those involved. It is hoped that this peaceful oasis will be respected and appreciated by all who use it.

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