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Herbert Gale
On 26th March Beckingham entertained some very special visitors who had travelled from Bournemouth. The visitors were the Gale family, descendants of Herbert Gale who owned the Old Willows Works on Old Trent Road in the early 1900s. Alan Gale is the grandson of Herbert and he and his wife, Susan, and their 3 children, Peter, Amy and Naomi, had wished to visit Beckingham to meet the History Group and find out more about their roots.

Alan Gale is the son of the late Norman and Joyce Gale who had lived at 7 Walkeringham Road, Beckingham and he left at the age of 18 to follow his friend, a musician, to pursue a music career in London. Alan had been following the village website with interest and Freda Proudley of the History Group had been in touch to inform him of the research that had been carried out on his family and the Old Willow Works. Unfortunately they had been unable to attend the last Open Day in October 2007.
Alan & Susan Gale
L to R Peter Gale, Alan Gale, Susan Gale, Brian Suart, Amy Gale, Naomi Gale, Tony Thomas, Freda Proudley and Joan Sanger
During Alan and Susan’s 2 day visit they were given a guided tour of the Old Willow Works where members of the History Group and Willow Work’s Steering Group acted as hosts to them and their family. On their second day they attended the History Group’s monthly meeting as ‘special guests’ and were shown all the information and photographs of Herbert Gale and the Old Willow Works that Peter Mason had collected. In turn Alan was able to furnish the History Group with additional information regarding his family (he has 2 other brothers), their present whereabouts and also their personalities and interests. Herbert Gale also has 2 other grandchildren living in Gainsborough, Ian Wright and Barbara Newham.
The History Group were honoured to play hosts to the Gale family and look forward to further visits/contact in the future with a possible visit in time with the Open Day arranged for October 4th this year.
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